The Citadel Takes a Hit 2/6/10 playlist

hey everyone,

here’s the very first playlist for ‘the citadel takes a hit.’takes a listen: and look for some special guests in the weeks ahead. lata. –mike f.

guided by voices: man called aerodynamics, rhine jive click, cut out witch

fugazi: turnover, repeater

arctic monkeys: my propeller

daniel johnston: impossible love

pavement: watery, domestic (full ep)

muse: guiding light

spiral stairs: true love

green day: macy’s day parade

jay reatard: it aint gonna save me

quasi: it’s hard to turn me on, our happiness is guaranteed

green day: waiting

die! die! die!: throw a fit, promises, promises, hold me

jason loewenstein: circles

jawbreaker: i love you so much it’s killing us both, fireman

the jesus lizard: boilermaker

sebadoh: cry sis, brand new love


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