Anchored in Love– February 7, 2010

What are they doing in Heaven today?– Washington Phillips

Anchored in Love– the Carter Family, Greatest Hits

Hesitatin’ Blues–  Holy Modal Rounders.  The first song in rock ‘n roll history to use the word psychedelic!

Present Joys– Alabama Sacred Harp Singers, Anthology of American Folk

Idumea– Sacred Harp

What did I do to Be so Black and Blue?– Ethel Waters.  I have a black eye.

Sweet Georgia Brown– Django Reinhardt, Gypsy Jazz, Disc 4

Safety Mama– Bessie Smith, Classic Blues, vol. 1

Hesitation Blues– Leadbelly, Last Recordings.  The one, the only, the original

Hot Lips– Bill Brown and his Brownies, Joe Bussard’s Treasure Trove

Stackalee– Frank Hutchinson, Good For What Ails You

Stackolee– Woody Guthrie, Asch Recordings

Original Stackolee Blues– Long “Cleve” Reed and Little Harvey Hull, Joe Bussard’s Treasure Trove

Stackolee Blues– Ma Rainey, Black Bottom

Stackolee– Dom Flemons

Peg and Awl– Carolina Tar Heels, Anthology of American Folk

Who’s Gonna Kiss Your Lips Dear Darling, Carolina Tar Heels, Mountain Frolic– Rare Old Timey-Classics

Hand in Hand We Have Walked Along Together– Carolina Tar Heels, Mountain Frolic– Rare Old Timey-Classics

Can’t You Remember When Your Heart Was Mine?– Carolina Tar Heels, Mountain Frolic– Rare Old-Timey Classics

Hold the Woodpile Down– Holy Modal Rounders, Live in 1965

the Cuckoo– John Jacob Niles, An Evening With John Jacob Niles

Pretty Saro– Jean Ritchie, the Most Dulcimer

Pretty Saro– Cass Wallin, DARK HOLLER.  I love this album.  This is such a beautiful version

Dry Bones– Bascom Lamar Lunsford, Anthology of American Folk

I Ain’t Got Nobody– I’m actually not sure, but it’s a rare recording from the 1920s

You’ve Got to Walk that Lonesome Valley– Mississippi John Hurt

I Belong to the Band– Rev Gary Davis, If I Had My Way

Lift Him Up That’s All– Washington Phillips

All Night Long– the Dustbusters.  More Peter Stampfel

Freight Train– Elizabeth Cotten

Awake, Awake– Dillard Chandler


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