So You Wanna Nab a Husband? 2/12/10 12-2 AM

So You Wanna Nab a Husband? Show #1

Midnight til 2 am!

Djs: Mira and Clare

We’re just here, lovin’ these songs. Mira’s doing enviro homework. Thanks Peter Bower! Hope you enjoy!

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here’s where you can watch our beautiful Russian inspiration:

Stay- Box Elders- Alice & Friends

Funky President(People It’s Bad)- James Brown

I’ll Be Your Mirror(live)- The Velvet Underground- Peel Slowly and See

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Feat. Kanye)- Consequence- Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

Now My Heart Is Full- Morrissey- Vauxhall and I

Shooter- Lil Wayne ft. Robin Thicke- Tha Carter II

I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need To Be Nicer- The Cardigans- Super Extra Gravity

Hybrid Moments- Newborn Huskies

I’m Not Angry- Elvis Costello- My Aim Is True

Jim  It Just Is- Rilo Kiley- More Adventurous

Girl In Love- Smith Westerns- Smith Westerns

New Years- Asobi Seksu- Citrus

Let Your Earth Quake, Baby- The Thermals- F***** A

Cat People- David Bowie

Mississippi Goddam!- Nina Simone

Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park)- Nas- Illmatic

Heaven is a Place on Earth- Belinda Carlisle

No One Else- Weezer –Blue

Tom Courtenay (acoustic)- Yo La Tengo- Prisoners of Love

Brooklyn Zoo- Ol’ Dirty Bastard- Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version

Bikeage- Descendents- Milo Goes to College

Mother of Pearl (edit)- Roxy Music

The Great Communicator- Ted Leo- The Tyranny of Distance

New Partner- Bonnie Prince Billy- Daytrotter Sessions

Escape from Dragon House- Dengue Fever- Escape from Dragon House

Magpie to the Morning- Neko Case- Middle Cyclone

Teenage Love Affair- Alicia Keys- As I Am

Have a good night!

Looping: the incomparable album Two Sevens Clash from Culture.

Think about it guys. Also, in that song Ride The Lion to Zion, that’s really a lion he had in the studio. Think about that too.

also, for all those uninformed, this is what everyone from Mira’s homeland is like:

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