the last days of discotheque — 2/17/2010

i have what might be sort of a funny set for you all today but I’m not sweating it too hard.

edit: i take it back!  this is a totally weird playlist!

this is dj tristan “i don’t use a moniker because i like to keep it real” jones, encouraging you to listen to the last days of discotheque on WBAR every wednesday from 10am-12pm at 87.9FM, or

1. You Were on my Mind — Ian and Sylvia

2. Hep Cat — Larry Terry

3. Pod Muziku Vival’di — Sergei Nikitin

4. Young Turks — Rod Stewart

5. Vamos a la Playa — Righeira

6. I’ll be by your Side — Sally Shapiro

7. Tristesse/Joie — Yelle

8. I’m Goin’ Down — Bruce Springsteen

9. When All is Said and Done — ABBA

10. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) — Lady Gaga

11. Anthonio (Fred Falke Remix) — Annie

12. Dominique (1983 Version) — Soeur Sourire

13. Heartbreaker — MSTRKRFT

14. Let Your Love Grow Tall — Passion Pit

15. Welcome Home — Radical Face

16. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang — Heaven 17

17. Porque Te Vas — Jeanette

18. Bang a Gong (All Night Long) — T.Rex

19. Morning is the Long Way Home — Leo Kottke

20. How I Long to Feel that Summer in my Heart — Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci

21. Music Is My Hot Sex — CSS

22. Blue Ridge Mountains — Fleet Foxes

23. Take Me Home Country Roads — John Denver

24. That’s when I Reach for my Revolver — Mission of Burma

25. Dress at my Funeral — Smog

26. You Broke my Heart — Lavender Diamond

27. Under the Milky Way Tonight — The Church

28. Pata Pata —  Miriam Makeba


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