Pop Music for Punx – 3/3/10

DJ Miss Lola. Wednesday 12am -2am. Listen @ http://server.wbar.org/. Today’s theme is “I have missed three (4?) episodes of LOST because of naps and other distractions.” Today’s show is dedicated to my bro!


Does Your Heart Go Boooooooom? – Helen Love
Submarine – The Drums
Library Date – Pursesnatchers
Sexy Anarchist Boy – Cheese On Bread
No No Like That – An American Chinese
Apple for Evan – Arrah and the Ferns
Dirty Song – Cars Can Be Blue (x2)
Sweetheart – Tiger Baby
Who Smells Marshmallows? – Lucky Lucky Pigeons
Voices Echo Down Halls – Nana Grizol
Laboratories – Baby Calendar
It’s a Life – Park Ave.
Roses in the Park – Liechtenstein
Sad Song – Au Revoir Simone

Warehouse Song – The Extraordinaires
Bad Company – Your Heart Breaks (request by Kyra)
Party – El Perro Del Mar
Crystal Heights – Celestial
How to Hold Tight – Lucky Misu
Happy New Year – Camera Obscura
Blue in the Blacklight – MEEMAW
Fool – Fantastic June
Holland & Headaches – Averikou
Ecstasy – jj (for DJ Michelle J hahaha)
Not 3 times but 5 times – Bobby Baby
Chosen One – The Concretes
Office Rock – The Lil’ Hospital
Seeing Double – Madeline
soviet.se – The Lovekevins
Future Classic – The Arrogants
Ambulance – Saturday Looks Good To Me
I Wish I Could Cry – Saturday Looks Good To Me
Ladder – Saturday Looks Good To Me
Obstacle – Saturday Looks Good To Me

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