Let’s Not Get Arrested, March the Fifth


“On criera et on raillera ; je m’en lave les mains.”

“Many things there pointed back to the old world and away to the east, and with the emperors who were gods and fed a brutalized people full of horrors as their dearest form of amusement, the ancient and the Oriental state had a true revival. Not that the spirit…was of the Eastern stamp. Common-sense men of affairs were its product to whom the cogitations of Eastern saged ever seemed the idlest nonsense. “What is truth?” said Pilate scornfully.”

-Edith Hamilton, The Greek Way

…cold and illumined with no spark of Bohemianism; he was a clergyman and was going to do as other clergymen did, no better nor worse. He greeted Ernest de haut en bas, that is to say he began by trying to do so, but the affair tailed off unsatisfactorily.”

-Samuel Butler, The Way of All Flesh

O, saeclum insapiens et infacetum!

1.) You Drink Too Much–State Street Swingers

2.) Tame–The Pixies

3.) Do You Remember Walter?–The Kinks

4.) People Always Look Better in the Sun–Soko

5.) I’m Looking Through You–The Beatles

6.) I’m A Loser–The Beatles

7.) Clowns–Goldfrapp

Swami Dayananda On Boredom

8.) Poor Cow–Sham 69

9.) Je Veux te Voir–Yelle

10.) Parasito–Molotov

11.) Moritat Vom Mackie Messer–Lotte Lenya

12.) Dang–Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

13.) A Woman A Man Walked By–PJ Harvey

14.) Scum–Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

15.) Helter Skelter–Siouxsie & the Banshees

16.) Prince Charming–Adam Ant

17.) Non Senti–Xeno & Oaklander


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