here’s the rundown this week. i should probably learn to use this software in order to jazz up these posts, but oh well. till then. –mike f.

thurston moore–feathers

sebadoh–ride the darker wave

robert pollard–girl named captain

bee gees–holiday

modest mouse–whenever you breathe out, i breathe in (positive negative)

times new viking–i smell bubblegum

tom petty–the apartment song

t. rex–life’s a gas

weezer–tired of sex

thurston moore–elegy for all the dead rock stars

the walkmen–new year’s eve

death cab for cutie–bixby canyon bridge

mission of burma–1, 2 , 3 partyy!

nofx–the brews

the raconteurs–steady as she goes

lucero–all these love songs

queens of the stone age–the lost art of keeping a secret

yo la tengo–here to fall

hayden–worthy of yr esteem

snow patrol–the golden floor

superchunk–hyper enough

the beatles–while my gtr gently weeps

saves the day–at yr funeral

onelinedrawing–better than this


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