Hello, I’m Here [3/8]


It’s just me here today….

1. Suspensa a un Filo- Conjunto de Olivera Muge

2. You Don’t Believe Me- Pretty Things

3. Coffin Maker- Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family

4. Withita- Golden Triangle

5. Auburn & Ivory- Beach House

6. Killing Floor- Howlin’ Wolf

7. Raw Power- Iggy Pop & Stooges

8. Thing, Do The Creep- Jr & His Soulettes

9 . La Publicité- Jacques Dutronc

10. Lola- Los Brincos

11. Saca Chaca- Los Iguales

12. Ghost Riders in the Sky- Schibbinz

13. Furtivo Olhar- Os Inflexos

14. Que Lindo Sueno- King Khan & The Shrines

15. Je me suis fait tout petit- Georges Brassens

16. Rien de Mots- H2O

17. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky- Johnny Cash

18. Misson à Paris- Gruppo Sportivo

19. Lady Midnight- Leonard Cohen

20. I’m So Free- Lou Reed

21. Camisa Amarela- Nara Leão

22. Morena do Mar- Nara Leão

23. Candy Man Blues- Mississippi John Hurt

24. Parasite- Nick Drake

25. Place to Be- Nick Drake

26. Misteria do Planeta- Novos Baianos

“Hypermagic Mountain”- Lightning Bolt


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