“Surfin’ With the Shahhhh” Episode 5

Great to be back with you for another week of “Surfin With the Shahhh”. Hit us up with any requests or drop us a comment. Hope yall git down little doggys.

For those slackers who missed the show (and those who want to listen again), check out the mp3:

Surfin with the Shah Episode 5 (Mediafire)


Surfin’ With the Shah – The Urinals

Flying – The Beatles


Hour One: John Blue’s hour

(This Set is dedicated to New York City our home sweet home)

Nueva Broadway (They Don’t Smoke) – Buster Poindexter

Pipeline – Johnny Thunders

Great Big Kiss – The New York Dolls

Crack of Dawn – Richard Hell & The Voidoids

Pirate Love – Johnny Thunders & Heartbreakers

Puerto Rico – Blondie

Suzy is a Headbanger – The Ramones


I Want to Live – The Talking Heads

Till Victory – Patti Smith

Little Johnny Jewel (Part 1 and 2) – Television

I want to Go Back to Africa – The Dictators

Arthur Kain and Sylvain Sylvain Talking about Suicide’s Alan Vega Whipping the floor with a Motorcycle chain and Scaring Everyone In the crowd out of the Club

Sneakin’ Around – Suicide

Cheree Cheree – Suicide


Hour Two: Johnny Danger’s Hour

(This craziness goes out to my ace girl Rosie)

Disorder – Joy Division

Golden Hours – Brian Eno

Sound and Vision – David Bowie

London – The Smiths

Machine Gun – The Rich and Famous

Ceremony (Joy Division Cover) – Xiu Xiu


Baby – Iggy Pop

Stay in the Car – Action Time

On the Sacred Side – Black Eyes

Drink Ink – Bear Suit

New Buildings – Parts and Labor


Sacrifice – Nausea

Stay Close to me – The Bad Brains

Party Crashers – My Favorite

Spar Wid Me – The English Beat



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