mojitos with marinetti |||3|10|10|||

moving to cairo edition? cartoons to suicide to? with rahel, srl |||LISTEN HERE|||

legacy of darkness – nox arcana – blackthorn asylum
inspector jay from delhi – dj shadow – bombay the hard way
D-7 – wipers – is this real?
sonshi’s march – shokoro asahara [aum shinri kyo] – sounds of japanese doomsday cults
this is not a love song – nouvelle vague – nouvelle vague
fitter happier – menny more + easy all stars – radiodread
heave ho – cows – cunning stunts
sar jo tera chakraye – mohammad rafi – CID
life – flipper – generic flipper
human cannonball – butthole surfers – locust abortion technician
pferdeporno – klezcore – make capitalism history
candomble possession ritual ijexa d’oxala [brazil]
lonlon (ravel’s bolero) – angelique kidjo – djin djin
sexy anarchist boy – cheese on bread – the search for colonel mustard
bata motel – crass – penis envy
so you wanna be a cop – morning glory – riot ska comp
contro venezia passatista – FT Marinetti
music for magic 1 – magic – marionette karma
i don’t want to work for british airways – scissor fits – messthetics vol 1
chura liya hai tum ne – asha bhosle – yaadon ki baaraat
keep the streets empty for me – fever ray – fever ray
vordhosbn – aphex twin – drukqs i
vengeance is sleeping – neko case – middle cyclone
the global cannibal – behind enemy lines – the global cannibal
norge – thorr’s hammer – dommedagsnatt
healing of the shamanic rite of the kalina [guyana]
lord’s death counting song – shoko asahara [aum shinri kyo] – sounds of japanese doomsday cults
bella ciao – milva
whatever forever – abe vigoda – skeleton
midnattens widunder – finntroll – finntroll
tom cat – muddy waters
city of freedom – alexandro jodorowsky – la montaña sagrada

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