No Looking 03.23.10

I’ve been immersed in writing up a proposal for the Department of Germanic Languages to send me off to Berlin this summer. (Sub)consciously, I added quite a few German songs to this playlist. Hören Sie zu!

durchdrehn in der db – Die Egozentrischen 2

Sunday You Need Love – The Jesus Lizard

Your Game – Swans

Pablo Picasso – The Modern Lovers

Glass, Concrete & Stone – David Byrne

After Eight – Neu!

Radioactivity – Kraftwerk

Ignore The Machine – Alien Sex Fiend

Lieve Kommt…Und Liebe Geht – Deutsch Nepal

Cannibal – Scratch Acid

Blue Arrow – O T O

Blues – Schwantz

Beat Me – Blockaus Babies

Ich halt mich raus – Ostro 430

Baby – Golden Starlet

Zombie Rockin’ – Mad Kenny’s All Night Drinker

Nothing Goes Right – We Be Echo

Flip Your Face – James Chance & The Contortions

Die Bleibt Kalt – Hoffnung & Psyche

Rock Europa – Fellini

TVC 15 – David Bowie

Commando Of Love – The Anals

Großstadtindianer – X Mal Deutschland

Storming Heaven – Pink Reason

Firws I Frecwast – Datblygu

Bouncing Away – Art Lord & The Self Portraits

Taking In The Summer – The Higher Primates

Played Yrself – Free Kitten


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