tirad_ en el suelo 3/26

hey kids

listen here kids

a hawk and a hacksaw – god bless the ottoman empire – the way the wind blows

wu wang v. the beatles – c.r.e.a.m. – enter the magical mystery chamber

the books – if not now, whenever – lost and safe

gaudi + nusrat fateh ali khan – abhi apna abhi paraya hai – dub qawwali

quiero club – minutos de aire – nueva américa

guided by voices – we’ve got airplanes – king shit and the golden boys

scissor girls – vamps, here! – we people space with phantoms

foot village – 420 (national holiday) – fuck the future ii

wu tang v. the beatles – got your money – enter the magical mystery chamber

boban marković orkestar – zajdi, zajdi – live in belgrade

+ potero

+ machinima futurista

wolves in the throne room – ex cathedra – black cascade

+ ex voco trio performing marinetti

erase errata – retreat! the most familiar – at crystal palace

wu tang v. the beatles – release yo self – enter the magical mystery chamber

cocorosie – lemonade – grey oceans

lady gaga + beyoncé – telephone

broadcast – papercuts –  the noise made by people

dirty projectors – stillness is the move – bitte orca

the knife / dhalbäck & dahlbäck mix – pass this on – when i found the knife

cold cave + prurient – stars explode – stars explode

fond of tigers – hebvark – release the saviours

gang gang dance – glory in itself / egyptian – god’s money

coughs – colors and the way they make you feel – secret passage

balkan bear box & eugene hutz – tromba de zingari

björk – holographic entrypoint – music from drawing restraint

+ marinetti

+ apache indian – boom shak-a-lak

boys noize – power

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