Bandit Radio 4/4

She Belongs to Me-Bob Dylan-Bringing It All Back Home

Changes-David Bowie-Hunky Dory

Feel Flows-The Beach Boys-Almost Famous Soundtrack

Slow Ride-Sublime-Second Hand Smoke

Sally Simpson-The Who-Tommy

All I Need-Radiohead- In Rainbows

Lori abandoned MC McG today. Flyin’ solo. Todays theme was changes.

Cactus-The Pixies- Surfa Rosa/Come on Pilgrim

Two Weeks in Hawaii-Hellogoodbye-Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!

The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)-The Grateful Dead- The Grateful Dead

Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)-The Doors-The Doors

The Train-Ray Charles

Down at the Rock & Roll Club-Richard Hell & the Voidoids-Blank Generation

Qué Onda Guero-Beck-Guero

Love Me Till the Sun Shines-The Kinks

Mo Money Mo Problems- Biggie- Life After Death

Sweet Jane-The Velvet Underground-Loaded

I’ll Be Your Mirror-Atlas Sound

White Collar Boy-Belle & Sebastian-The Life Persuit

She Said She Said-The Beatles-Revolver

Fireworks-Animal Collective-Srawberry Jam

Going to California- Led Zepplin- BBC Sessions

California-Joni Mitchell-Blue

Mango Pickle Down River- M.I.A.-Kala

No Sleep Till Brooklyn- The Beastie Boys-Licensed to Ill

New and Fun-Emilyn Brodsky- Emilyn Brodsky’s Greatest Tits

The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song… (With All Your Power)-The Flaming Lips-At War With the Mystics

2 Atoms in a Molecul-Noah and the Whale-Peaceful the World Lays Me Down

The Party’s Crashing Us Now-Of Montreal-The Sunlantic Twins

East German Western-Diniowalrus-%*

Seaweed Song-Passion Pit- Manners


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