No Looking 04.13.10

Hello my dear listeners, if you can say the name of that second band five times fast I’ll give you a pat on the back.

Jack Kerouac – Gang 90

Maskindans – Det Gylne Triangel

Nightclubbing – Iggy Pop

Digital – The Legendary Pink Dots

Dirty Water – The Jesus & Mary Chain

Matki Wandalki – Felix Kubin

Little Sister – The Residents

Rory Rides Me Raw – The Vaselines

Braidd – Datblygu

Prug – Poison Dwarfs

Blonde Red Head – DNA

Lesser Snake – Indian Jewelry

Cortigiana Dal Velo – Onna

Oscillations – Silver Apples

So What – The Cure

Phantoms – 45 Grave

Stick In The Mud – Nothing People

Lonely Star – Los Saicos

Revolution – Spacemen 3

A Visit From Drum – Liars

Wabooba – Time Twins

Whirlpool Reverse – Metalux

But I’m Not – Cocteau Twins

Hologram – The Urinals

Still Burning (Howard) – Lydia Lunch

Sky – The Dead C

I Found A Reason – The Velvet Underground

Crowns – Zola Jesus

Legal Slaughter – Iham-Echo

Left Hand Luke – T.Rex

It’s A Hard Life – The Seeds

Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne – Suicide


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