After the Afterparty – 4/18/10

After the Afterparty 2-4AM

Show for prospies

LCD Soundsystem “Drink Yrself Clean”

The Golden Filter “Solid Gold”

Glass Candy “Geto Boys”

Glass Candy “Feeling Without Touching”

Liquid Vega “Dead Sun (Museum of Bellas Artes Remix)”

Ray Mang “Look Into My Eyes”

In Flagranti “I Can Thrill & Delight (A Rio Lobotomy Op)”

Twisted Wires “One Night At The Raw Deal (Vocal)”

The Crystal Ark “The City Never Sleeps”

Glass Candy “Sugar & Whitebread”

Glass Candy “Covered In Bugs”

David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto “Bamboo Houses”

The Duke of Burlington “Flash 83 (Dub Version)”

Jacob Korn “Grosskariert”

Rubies “I Feel Electric (Max Essa Remix)”

Still Going “Untitled Love (Instrumental)”

Invisible Conga People “Weird Pains”

LCD Soundsystem “All I Want”


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