Let’s Get Dancey /// Apr 26 2010

Monday 10AM-12PM

feat Michelle J.

listen @ server.wbar.org

***BROOKE IS HERE*** we in Miami b!tch

Hawker Boat – Tobacco

Sleep Deprivation – Simian Mobile Disco

Neon – The Knife

Fainting Spells – Crystal Castles

Operate – Crystal Castles

Keep it Goin’ Louder (ft Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze) – Major Lazer

Sexy Chick – David Guetta feat Akon

Electric Feel – Jonna Lee


Happy Up Here – Royksopp

Girls Night Out – The Knife

Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz

Bring the Noise – Public Enemy Vs. Benny Benassi

Fresh Hex (feat Beck) – Tobacco (NEW ALBUM YET TO BE RELEASED)

Lookie here what I just found: DARIA ON DVD FINALLY

Hide Me – The Golden Filter

Twice (16 bit remix) – Little Dragon

Pap Smear – Crystal Castles (lolwut)

Forest Families – The Knife

Rock the Shocker – Peaches

Dance in the Dark – Lady GaGa

Hey – Pixies

Backwoods Alter – Tobacco

Pinball (feat. Telepathe) – Simian Mobile Disco

I’m in Miami B!tch – David Guetta

Butterfly  – David Guetta


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