BROS 4 LIFE MIX CD April 30th-May 1st

BROS 4 LIFE 11.5ish

so i can’t make it to my show tonight, but i’ll still be there in spirit, through this mix cd that i made that contains songs that i probably would have played on my show if i were there.  since there will be no commentary during the show, there will be some here… enjoy

(should be playing all night until the next show on saturday)

1) Possum – Red Hot – Various Deficiencies Vol. 1 – 2010

2) Weed Hounds – Best Friends – Demo – 2009

  • kinda fuck yeah to long island, super fuck yeah this song too

3) Vivian Girls – John, I’m Only Dancing – Repetition: A Tribute to David Bowie – 2010

  • i might be committing heresy here, but i like this cover better than the original, see for yourself here: 

4) The Tough Alliance – A New Chance – A New Chance – 2007

  • a new romance, only from sincerely yours, the best record label in the world

5) Serena-Maneesh – I Just Want to See Your Face – S-M 2: Abyss in B Minor – 2010

  • sounds like stereolab on speed, in the best way possible

6) Korallreven – The Truest Faith – 7” – 2010

  • more beatz from korallreven, this time with unintelligible singing

7) DOM – Living in America – Sun Bronzed Greek Gods – 2010

  • Watch the video, if you don’t like it it means you’re a terrorist:

8) Lower Dens – Two Cocks Waving Wildly at Each Other Across a Vast Open Space A Dark Icy Tundra – demo – 2010

  • Lower Dens slayed so hard at WBAR-B-Q, did i tell you i had a dream last night that jana hunter asked me to join her band but i told her i’m already in one?

9) Kurt Vile – Freeway – Constant Hitmaker – 2008

  • don’t have much to say about this dude except that he has a bunch of good songs, especially this one, and i hope that this list stays symmetric. he’s also from philadelphia.  fuck that, lets go mets this weekend

10) Ariel Pink – Can’t Hear My Eyes – 7” – 2008

  • i already played “round and round” twice on my show so i’ll drop to the next best thing, look out for a full length soon

11) Wilco – Alone (Shakin’ Sugar) – YHF Demos – 2001/2ish

  • a jeff tweedy rarity, hopefully this will match up to play at 3am

12) Big Troubles – Drastic & Difficult – Drastic & Difficult – 2010

  • these guys don’t get old, still one of my favorite finds of the past year… i think they’re still in college, come graduate and get huge you guys

13) Twin Sister – Lady Daydream (Cassette Version) – Alternates – 2010

  • i really thought that i was done playing twin sister on bros 4 life, i think i’ve played almost every one of their songs off of their two EPs… but this alternate version of lady daydream hit the web this past week and i can’t resist

14) Metallica – Ride The Lightning – Ride the Lightning – 1984

  • hey guess what, i’m seeing this band in israel in less than a month.  insane. 


15) jj – intermezzo

16) jj – my hopes and dreams

  • do you guys want to know why always play this band on my show?  because they’re the greatest band of all time.  here’s a blog that stalks them, check for their translated interviews, awesome:

17) Cold Cave – Life Magazine (Pantha Du Prince First Flash Remix) – Life Magazine – 2010

  • basically none of the charms of the original song (PLAYED AT WBAR-B-Q) but this is still about as jacking as they come

18) Pill Wonder – Gone to the Market – Jungle/Surf – 2010

  • nice album title name, also amazing song, much love as always from b4L

19) Of Montreal – Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse – Hissing Fauna, Are you the Destroyer – 2007

  • on repeat since they played here last weekend. i can’t find my flip-flop that i lost while crowd surfing to wiz khalifa at that show.  i checked my whole frat house and i still can’t find it.  someone help?  my cargo shorts just don’t feel the same without my trusty pair of flip flops that i wore while crowd surfing so i would get my picture taken while i was crowd surfing. spring break ’11

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