Hey Girl Hey

Wednesday 8-10pm

DJ: Jamie Johns


Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence (7″)

Puerto Rico Flowers – Voice of Love (2 7″)

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OOIOO – Mountain Book (Gold & Green)

13th Chime – Cuts of Love (The Singles 1981-1983 LP)

Axemen – Stoopid Symbol of Woman Hate (Big Cheap Motel)

Twin Stumps – Child Republic (Seedbed)

Pop. 1280 – Bedbugs (7″)

Inquisition – Of Blood and Darkness We are Born (Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer)

Zaimph – Great Are The Riches Hidden In Tribulation (Death Blooming Pleasure 12″)

Star Pimp – Human Dolphin (Seraphim 280z)

Native Cats – Be Your Peter Escott Healer (Always On)

Slices – Medusa (Cruising)

Drunks with Guns – Leprosy (Second Verses)

Black Eyes – A Pack of Wolves (Black Eyes)

Led Er Est – Port Isabel (Dust on Common)

Pram – Mother of Pearl (The Museum of Imaginary Animals)

Whitehouse – Viking Section (New Britain)

Yoko Ono – Dogtown (Seasons of Glass)

Swirlies – Wrong Tube (Blonder Tongue Audio…)

Kim Phuc – Weird Skies (7″)

Locrian – Inverted Ruins (Territories)

Felt – Down But Not  Yet Out (Forever Breathes the Lonely Word)

Birds of Maya – Regulation (7″)


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