Van Halen – Panama (7″)

Slices – Floodlight (Cruising LP)

Balaclavas – Roman Holiday (Roman Holiday LP)

Martial Canterel – Shrapnelle

Chandra – Kate (Transportation 12″)

Screen Vinyl Image – Slipping Away (Interceptors)

Sex Church – Let Down (7″)

Man is the Bastard – Puppy Mill (Thoughtless)

Brainbombs – Die You Fuck (Obey LP)

Puffy Areolas – Noble Rot (In the Army 1981 LP)

Pissed Jeans – A Bad Wind (Hope for Men LP)

Vile Gash – All the Same (7″)

Katharsis – Eden Below (World Without End)

Puerto Rico Flowers – Let’s Make Friends (4 12″)

Black Tambourine – For Ex-Lovers Only (Complete Recordings)

Joy Rider and Avis Davis – Nasty Secretary (7″)

Naked on the Vague – Treading Water (Heaps of Nothing)

Mu – Paris Hilton (12″)

Motley Crue – Too Fast For Love

Mo-Dettes – Dark Park Creeping (Story So Far)

Condominium – Redemption Song (7″)

Blitz – Someone’s Gonna Die (Best of Blitz)

Jesus and Mary Chain – Never Understand (7″)

Black Flag – Wound Up (Slip it In LP)

Stress Ape – Time Hard (7″)

Scissor Girls – By Process E-Lmnatn (Here is the Is Not)

The Make-Up – Here Come the Judge (Destination Love: Live! At Cold Rice LP)


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