Hey there DJs!

You like music? Enjoy opening up snailmail with your name on it? Obsessed with organizing your vinyl collection? Then apply to be on staff!

Available Positions and Internships:


Personnel Director

Promo Director

College Rock Music Director

Punk/Loud Music Director

Urban Music Director

Station Supervisor

**Applications for Fall 2010 Exec Staff positions are due Friday, October 8th at 5pm. Interviews will be held on Sunday, October 10th. All interested parties must fill out an application and attend interviews, including current Exec Staff members.**


Application for WBAR Exec Staff Positions Fall 2010


Campus Address:

Building of Residence:

School and Year:

Phone and E-mail:

Position you seek:

Please type or write (neatly) your answers on a separate piece of paper. Thanks.

1. What experience(s) do you possess that would contribute to your performance in the position for which you are applying?

2.  What talents and skills do you have that would make you the best person for this job?

3.  Tell us how you do this job. What are some of your ideas for this year? How do you conceptualize the position?

4.  What other co-curricular activities are you involved in? How much time are you willing to commit?

5. How do you work with other people? What is your style?

6.  Please tell us anything else you think is relevant.  Enjoy!


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