The Devil’s Panini 10-06-2010

One-half of the Devil’s Panini was off being a strong, beautiful, working Barnard woman this evening, leaving the slacker half in charge at WBAR headquarters. I hope to have been the only WBAR show to start with a noise band’s serious prayer to the Occult. Sejayno’s rad.

Sejayno, “Opening Prayer,” Quantus, Ehse Records

The Gerogerigegege, “Change Matter” and “I’m Fullery Erect,” Ramones / New Toy For Children, Vis a Vis Audio Arts

Twin Stumps, “Ejaculation Servants,” Twin Stumps 12″, Dais Records

Hair Police, “Interruption and Invasion,” The Empty Quarter, Harbinger Sound

Halflings, “My Son the Star,” Cough It Up, Accretion Disks

Mindflayer, “A Wind,” Take Your Skin Off, Bulb Records

GG Allin, “Tough Fucking Shit,” The Masturbation Session, Alive Records

Sissy Spacek, “Hair Control,” Hair Control, Helicopter

Akitsa, “La Voix Brutale,” Au Crepuscule de l’esperance, Hospital Productions

Zs, “Don’t Touch Me,” New Slaves, Social Registry

The Goslings, “Seed,” Between the Dead, self-released

Exquisite Corpses, “After the Tone,” Exquisite Corpses from P.S. 122, ¿What Next? Recordings

Throbbing Gristle, “Blood on the Floor,” D.O.A.: The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle, Industrial

Clockcleaner, “Man Across the Street,” Babylon Rules, Load Records

Drunkdriver, “Look Back and Laugh,” My Chinese Sister, Drone  Errant

Wage-Slave Exchange, “HONDA!! NICE! You too” Japanoise of Death, Steinklang Industries

Harry Pussy, “I Don’t Care About Sleep Anymore,” In an Emergency You Can Shit on a Puerto Rican Whore, Siltbreeze

Hanatarash, “Penis,” We Are Hardcore!, Superman Cha Cha

John Zorn & Yamantaka Eye, “Damascus” and “Propolution,” Nani Nani, Tzadik

xbxrx, “End of Quitting,” Sixth in Sixes, Polyvinyl Record Company

KK Rampage, “Nice To Meet You,” Without Feelings, Rococo Records

Terrestrial Tones, “Future Train,” Dead Drunk, Paw Tracks

Needle Gun, “Dirge,” Afternoon Computer Umbrage, Ehse Records

Keiji Haino & Coil, “Bad to the Bone,” Play the Blues, Maboroshi no Sekai


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