The Devil’s Panini 10-13-2010

Hair Police, “Do You Love Hop Hop,” “Finding Out What Bush Is,” and “Guntown Mtn,” Blow Out Your Blood, Freedom From 

Emperor, “The Loss and Curse of Reverance,” Anthems to the Welkins at Dusk, Megarock

Scepter, “Lowest Common Denominator,” Fucking Metal Motherfuckers, Merciless

Obituary, “Dethroned Emperor (celtic frost cover),” Left to Die, Candlelight

Original Sin, “Death Knell Cry,” Death Knell From Misanthropic Kingdom, Ghostdom Records

Witchaven, “No End in Sight,” Terrorstorm

Nahvas, “Kamikaza, Hljó›upptaka

::::::::BIG GUNZ IN STUDIO::::::::

They have a show this Sunday, October 17, at Rockstar Bar (S. 5th and Kent in Williamsburg). !!!!

Shiro and Jared have been playing things like Nazareth, Zeke, G.I.S.M., and Aerosmith (but before-they-were-sober-Aerosmith). They’re above a playlist, so suck it.

:::::::::::::::GO TO THEIR SHOW THIS WEEK:::::::::::::::::::::::

::::::::::::::::::::::::::DO IT!!!!!!!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


And, finally:


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