La Nouvelle Welle—14.October 2010

Bonjour! ¡Buenas tardes! Wilkommen!

Don your beret and light that Gauloises: we’re going to France today, kiddos. Stream it here.

** Suis-Je Normale—Nini Raviolette

** Euroman—J.J. Burnel

** Roman Photo—Ruth

** Disco Rough (I. Smagghe Edit)—Mathématiques Modernes

** Carnival—Metal Boys

** Person to Person—The (Hypothetical) Prophets

** Wallenberg—The (Hypothetical) Prophets

** So Young But So Cold—Kas Product

** Synchro—Charles De Goal

** Mae—Artefact

** Switch on Bach—Moderne

** Triangle—Jacno

** Lighthouse—Tim Blake

** The Force (Part 1)—The Droids

** Welcome (To Deathrow)—Bernard Szajner

** Iceland—Richard Pinhas

All of the tracks played thus far are off of this gem, released by Tigersushi Records in 2004.

** Funky Stuff—Lizzy Mercier Descloux

** La Crise Economique—Les Civils

** Vélomoteur—Les Calamités

** Femmes Sous Cellophane—Edith Nylon

** So Chic—Electric Callas

** Just Because—Martin Dupont

** A Dirge For Love—Trisomie 21

** Rue de Siam—Marquis de Sade

** Sweetness… Of Pain—Asylum Party

** Bite of God—Die Form

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