Sativa Sessions 2-6

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AMOEBA RECORDS Dollar or Less Finds:

1) Black Market; Cannon Ball; Gibraltar – Weather Report – Black Market

2) In Memoriam: First Mvt; Second Mvt – Modern Jazz Quartet – In Memoriam

[INTERMISSION 420pm: Steamroller ft. Hodgy Beats – Domo Genesis – Rolling Papers]

3) Grass; Hummingbird – Charles Lloyd – Waves

4) Andre; We The Planet – Kazumi Watanabe – The Spice of Life Too



First up, selections from the new album by WEDIDIT‘s eminent lyricist, Zeroh. Entitled G7 UNIVERSITY, it features beats by FLYING LOTUS, TEEBS, the homie JUJ, MNDSGN and KNXWLEDGE (of Klipmode).

1) Chocobo (prod. Teebs)

2) Solara Airlines (prod. FlyLo)

3) Almighty Mnd (prod. MNDSGN)


5) Peace and Light (prod. Juj)


Next, upcoming release from pianist Austin Peralta – EXXXCLUUUUSIVE! Drops Feb. 8 on Brainfeeder imprint. Featuring Dr. Stangeloop, the Cinematic Orchestra, Ben Wendel, Zane Musa, and Zach Harmon. I’ll play the first half.



498. – Knxwledge – 3P

Pretty Boy Swag (Shlohmo Remix) – Souljaa – Pop Massacre (FoF)

Space Gold – Juj – Slack

Electric Shithole – Dem Hunger – Caveman Smack


we out!





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