Bad Music for Bad People–2/11

Shitty World (The Spits)

Dumb (The Spits)

Tease(The Spits)

Kill from the heart (The Spits)

I wanna be well (the ramones)

I don’t care (the ramones)

Duncens (Hasil Adkins)

Shake Appeal (Iggy and the stooges)

sixteen (iggy pop)

sweet sixteen (iggy pop)

wrathchild (iron maiden)

murder in the rue morgue (iron maiden)

nic fit (sonic youth)

artificial insemination (elton motello)

le bon style des noirs (dreteens)

call of the wighat (the cramps)

all women are bad (the cramps)

drug train (the cramps)

not great men (gang of four)

lexicon devil (the germs)

drink fight f*** (gg allin)

nyc tonight (gg allin)

party train (blanks 77)

search and destroy (blanks 77)

get out alive (blanks 77)

six pack (black flag)

fan club (the damned)

i fall (the damned)

fish (the damned)

so messed up (the damned)

richard hung himself (DI)

captain caveman (lightning bolt)

birdy (lightning bolt)

Girl U Want (Devo)

Bluebeard (Link Wray)

N.Y. Stars (lou reed)

Kill Your Sons (lou reed)


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