Yo Get into it?

1. We Work the Night Shift- Latterman

2. Basil’s Kite- Cap’n Jazz

3. How Wheeling Feels- Joan of Arc

4. Temping as a Shaman- Make Believe

5. Honestly?- American Football

6. Amnesia and Me- Owen

7. How Could that be True?- Paul Baribeau

8. 15 Steps- Radiohead

9. Paranoid Android- Radiohead

10. The Bends- Radiohead

11. Kid A- Radiohead

12. Reckoner- Radiohead

13. House of Cards- Radiohead

14. Creep- Radiohead

15. Lucky- Radiohead

16. No Surprises- Radiohead

17. Weird Fish/Arpeggi- Radiohead

18. Karma Police- Radiohead

19. Between Berwyn and Bryn Mawr- Castevet

20. Jet’s Jets- Sharks Keep Moving

21. Yo Soy Milk- Algernon Cadwallader

22. Bloodbuzz Ohio- The National

23. The Wrestle- Frightened Rabbit


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