aufheben // 2.18

traveling song – luck dragon

honeycombhouse [1-3] – lucky dragon

deadman – shackleton

3 stnd – truman peyote

outer dark – butcher boy

from the horn – woods

we have to respect eachother – dpt of eagles

the curious butterfly realizes he’s beautiful

sis around the sandmill – avey tare and kria brekkan

welt am draht – pantha du prince

the maker – omar s

aloysius – cocteau twins

no one’s better sake – little joy

mina minou – larkin grimm

time division multiplexing – lucky dragons

lily pond – vashti bunyan

carbonated – mount kimbie

everyone but me – lykke li

come on sister – belle and sebastian

country – empire of the sun

a case of you (joni mitchell cover) – james blake

do your best – john maus



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