Unicorns are People Too

Sea Ghost– The Unicorns–Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?

Steal My Sunshine–LEN–You Can’t Stop The Bum Rush

Coast of Carolina–Telekinesis–Telekinesis!

Untitled–Reel Big Fish–Why Do They Rock So Hard (yeah…didn’t realize this song was…well…this song)

Famous for Nothing–Dropkick Murphys–The Meanest of Times

I Want Your Girlfriend to be My Girlfriend Too–Reel Big Fish–Why Do They Rock So Hard (much better)

Breathe Me–Sia–Colour the Small One

Always Love–Nada Surf–The Weight is a Gift

Moth’s Wings–Passion Pit–Manners

Bruises–Chairlift–Does You Inspire You

Generator Second Floor–Freelance Whales–Alcopopular Vol. 4

I Gotta Run–Everyone Else–Unknown

Shining On–Big D & The Kids Table–Strictly Rude

Disarming the Car Bomb–Islands–Vapours

Super Rad–The Aquabats–The Fury of the Aquabats!

Control Freak–Copeland–Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Very Busy People–The Limousines–Very Busy People

Dumb Hummer–Why?–Rubber Traits

This is not a Test–She & Him–Volume One

Middle of Nowhere–Hot Hot Heat–Elevator

Sing Songs Along–Tilly and the Wall–Bottoms of Barrels

Pot Kettle Black–Wilco–Yankee Hotel Foxtrot


Peacocks Skeletons and Crooked Feathers–Blood Brothers–Crimes

Daylight–Matt and Kim–Green Label Sound

Out of My Head–Mobile–?

Asleep On a Sunbeam–Belle and Sebastian–Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Good Day–Tally Hall–Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

I Win–Starflyer 59–One Dark Summer

Grass–Animal Collective–Feels

Cut Your Hair–Pavement–??

Strange–Built to Spill–Ancient Melodies of the Future


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