Olivia Jane to Ease the Pain #3

1. You’re Still a Young Man    Tower of Power

2. Respect        Aretha Franklin

3. I Know You Want Me        Pitbull

4. Da Art of Storytelling          Slick Rick ft. Outkast

5. These Arms of Mine         Otis Redding

6. Drop It Like It’s Hot           Snoop Dogg & Pharrell

7. C.R.E.A.M.             Wu-Tang Clan

8. Changes                 Tupac

9. Peter Piper            Run D.M.C.

10. Cars with the Boom        L’Trimm

11. What a Wonderful World         Louis Armstrong

12. The Formula                    The D.O.C.

13. Just a Friend             Biz Markie

14. Permission to Speak          Main Flow and 7L

15. Caramel                 City High

16. Still Not a Player             Big Punisher ft. Joe

17. Please, Please, Please          James Brown

18. All I Want to Do                 Mac Dre

19. L-O-V-E                           Al Green

20.What Would You Do?           City High

21. If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)   Nas

22. Pick Up the Pieces          Average White Band

23. Doe Doe and da Skunk         Suga Free

24. I Got No Time For Ya’ll        Dirty Heads

25. Stamd by Me             John Lennon

26. She’s Not There              The Zombies

27. O.P.P.                 Naughty by Nature


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