Yo, Get into it? (3/3/11)

1. Water Mane’s at the Block’s End- Latterman

2. Teen Creeps- No Age

3. Unity- Operation Ivy

4. Skeleton Handshake- Nude Beach

5. Dino- Male Bonding

6. I’ve Never been to Easter Island- Footnotes

7. Marco Polo- Chalk Talk

8. King Kong Stompin Man- 1994!

9. Peter Pan Complex- Age Sixteen

10. Rubber Sidewalks- Make ME

11. Bankrupt and Finally Forgotten- Storm the Bastille

12. Working Title- Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start

13. Arms Across America- Tigers Jaw

14. Mark Z. Danielewski- Snowing

15. Modern Day Scribe- Punt Return

16. There’s Too Much Talk About Ghosts- Park Jefferson

17. King of Carrot Flowers Part 1 and 2- Neutral Milk Hotel

18. Florida- Modest Mouse

19. Daylight- Matt and Kim

20. She Don’t Use Jelly- The Flaming Lips

21. The Breeze- Dr. Dog

22. My Old Ways- Dr. Dog

23. Home- Edwad Sharpe

24. Oh My God- Ida Maria

25. Time to Pretend- MGMT

26. A Decade Under the Influence- Taking Back Sunday

27. The Next Step to Regaining Control- Empire! Empire!

28. Never Meant- American Football

29. In Circles- Sunny Day Real Estate

30. Plays One on TV- Castevet

31. Waiting Room- Fugazi



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