2 towers – lightning bolt
the girl in the magnesium dress – frank zappa
bob dylan blues – syd barrett
ulythium – nation of ulysses
die, die my darling – the misfits
red velvet corridor – swans
heartbeat – wire
sister ray – the velvet underground
preaching blues (up jumped the devil) – robert johnson
gravity slips – unwound
channel one ulysses – nation of ulysses
the man with the harmonica – ennio morricone
one red rose that i mean – captain beefheart & the magic band
goliath – the mars volta
dog without a collar (run over red rover) – the locust
hey joe – os mutantes
the fun machine took a shit and died – queens of the stone age
the nile song – pink floyd
ceremony – joy division
across 110th street – bobby womack
uptight, tonight – flash and the memphis casuals
death toll – the casualties
rising mercury twist – the lesabres
ribs out – fuck buttons
possibility – the coachmen
old money – omar rodrigeuz lopez
you better behave – the oblivians
coo coo – janis joplin
the history of the world (part 1) – the damned
pannonica – thelonius monk


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