Yo, Get into it?

1. Doom!Doom!Doom!- Latterman

2. Rattrick’s Day 2k9- Vacation

3. Food Chain- Chalk Talk

4. Between Berwyn and Bryn Mawr

5. Take Warning- Operation Ivy

6. Fast Jabroni- Surfer Blood

7. Stereo- Pavement

8. Holland, 1945- Neutral Milk Hotel

9. Communist Daughter- Neutral Milk Hotel

10. Dream Big- Football, etc.

11. Basil’s Kite- Cap’n Jazz

12. How to Make Love Stay- Empire! Empire!

13. Magnet- Joie de Vivre

14. Rememories- The One Up Downstairs

15. Lotus Flower- Radiohead

16. Kids- MGMT

17. F’n Rad- Little Kingdoms

18. Fight- Kickball

19. Gin and Platonic- Joan of Arc

20. Sean’s Song- Footnotes

21. First Breath after Coma- Explosions in the Sky

22. Swim Until you Can’t See Land- Frightened Rabbit

23. Everyplace is a House- Maps and Atlases

24. Daylight- Matt and Kim

25. 42 Tonight- For Serious this Time

26. Come Home- Good Luck

27. Public Radio- Good Luck



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