Night of the Living Dead Kennedys 3/31

Drug Free Youth – The Abused

Tax Man Cometh – Urban Riot

New Age – The Velvet Underground

Hit the Marc – 26 Beers

White Wedding – Billy Idol

No Fun – The Stooges

Reaganomics Fuck Off – Accelerators

Never Gonna Touch the Ground – Je Suis France

We’re Coming Back – Cock Sparrer

High On the Hog – A.F.U.

Black Tongue – Yeah Yeah Yeah

Ayacucho Centro de Opresion – Kaos

Sixteen Again – Buzzcocks

T.V. – Inner Terrestrials

Show the World – Jughead’s Revenge

Colony – Joy Division

My City Is Sick of Pizza – The Hatepinks

Sweet Wreck – Gameface

I’m Like Yeah, But She’s All No – Mr. T Experience

Walk On the Wire – Sahara Hotnights

Critic – 76% Uncertain

Jesse James – Clubland

Whole Wide World – Wreckless Eric

Homo-Sexual – Angry Samoans

Feel Their Pain – Good Riddance

Survival of the Fittest – Vanguard

Five Finger Discount – Choking Victim

Heroin – Alice In Chains

Welcome the Destroyer – Cross Face

Accidents – Alexis On Fire

Can’t Wait – Hepcat

FucK Me, I’m A Rock Star – Latex Generation

Rose Garden – Suicide Machines

Mommy’s Little Monster – Social Distortion

I’m In the Band – Bratmobile

Stars and Stripes – Anti-Flag

California Uber Alles – Dead Kennedys


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