1. sissy spacek, “untitled,” gore jet

2. james ferraro, “my parents think i’m turning into a cockroach,” feed me

3. chrome, “kinky lover,” the visitation

4. bill orcutt, “my reckless parts,” a new way to pay old debts

5. glenn branca, “fuck yourself,” songs ’77-79

6. jefre cantu-ledesma, “stained glass body,” love is a stream

7. keiji haino & coil, “suzie q,” play the blues

8. klinik, “the fever,” black leather

9. conrad schnitzler & dompteur mooner, “tanze im regen,” rare tracks 1979-1982

10. coil, “aqua regis,” scatology

11. dog leather, “do gleat her,” greezy man and stinky man meets smutty ranks on tarantula hill

12. volcano the bear, “she sang a song of norway,” the one burned ma

13. driphouse, “merged flesh,” sewer mist

14. ryoji ikeda, “test pattern #1011,” test pattern

15. mouthus, “untitled,” bigger throws

16. infinite body, “and it will matter,” infinite body / emaciator split

17. brette naucke, “intro: (moving),”  southern california

18. oscillating innards, “dmt labor / atmospherics,” noisomeness atmospherics

19. destroy all monsters, “i want to live,” disc 3: 1974 / 1976: to the throne of chaos where the thin flutes pipe mindlessly

20. jennifer walshe, “swiss coplanar,” guillermo gregorio: swiss coplanar

21. pan sonic & keiji haino, “without doubt, an attestation written from that time, will no longer have effect, because, the wound has widened so much,” in the studio

22. emptyset, “completely gone,” emptyset

23. throbbing gristle, “what a day,” 20 jazz funk greats

24. river magic, “spring thaw brings the fever,” spring thaw brings the fever

23. rene hell, “55 rn gaz,” flowers of light / 55 rn gaz


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